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Evaporator Tank Construction
Tank Construction

Lakeview wastewater evaporator tanks are constructed of 10 gauge (.140") 316L stainless steel as standard.  Stainless steel offers the best corrosion resistance of the standard stainless steels and high temperature strength.  Polished stainless steel on the outer skin, when properly maintained, looks like new indefinitely.
Other alloys are available to offer the best evaporator construction to meet specific applications:
  • AL6XN Alloy -- 6% molybdenum super austenitic alloy for better chloride resistance without the expense of high nickel alloys.
  • High Nickel Alloys -- such as B-2, C-22, G-30, 20Cb-3 offer a wide range of specific corrosive applications.
  • Hastelloy C-276 -- one of the more universally corrosion resistant alloys with excellent high chloride resistance and high temperature properties.

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