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Water Vapor Recovery Condenser


The standard water vapor recovery condenser is constructed of a series of fined tube coils mounted in a stainless steel enclosure through which the water vapor from the evaporator is pulled by a blower. The enclosure drains by gravity to a receptacle, drain line or circulating loop. Cooling water is circulated through the fined tube coils to provide the condensing medium. The number of fined tube coils is determined by the amount of water vapor that needs to be recovered and the temperature of the cooling media.

Each coil is removable for cleaning, inspection, or repair. Replacement coils are available as an in-stock item for immediate shipment.

  • Standard construction is Heresite® coated copper tubes with aluminum fins in a stainless steel enclosure.
  • Shell and tube type condensers constructed of most any material are also available.
  • Ambient air cooled condensers are available for the models E-100
    and E-200.

Cooling media requirements vary with the temperature of the cooling media. Cooling media may be supplied by city or well water, cooling tower water, mechanical chiller or
other available means. Standard estimates are as follows:

  • 1/4 gallon per minute flow rate of 50° to 55°F cooling water for each gallon per hour of water vapor recovered.
  • 1/2 gallon per minute flow rate of 80° to 85°F cooling water for each gallon per hour of water vapor recovered.
  • 1 gallon per minute flow rate of 120° to 130°F cooling water for each gallon per hour of water vapor recovered.

Cost savings and efficiencies can be achieved by making use of the heat absorbed by the cooling water in the condensing process. Typically 70% to 90% of the BTUs used to evaporate the wastewater can be recovered by this process. Utilizing that recovered heat can lower the cost of evaporation or reduce the BTU requirements at some other location or process. The result is a reduction of energy consumption and a lowering of energy costs. Further benefits are realized with this “closed loop” system. With little or no emissions to the atmosphere, air permitting obstacles can be avoided.


The condenser is mounted above the evaporator, within the same footprint of the evaporator. The picture shows three standard condenser enclosures mounted on a 200 gph evaporator. These three enclosures are manifolded together to act as one condenser. Adjustable dampers balance the flow through each enclosure. Smaller evaporators make use of one enclosure and larger units may add additional units. Modular construction is utilized so condensers may be added at a later time as an add-on to the base equipment. Any excess air that is drawn through the condensers from the evaporator is exhausted to the atmosphere or elsewhere. Condensers are available with various efficiencies to satisfy differing requirements and goals. They can be sized for any of the different models and sizes of E-Series industrial evaporators.

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