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Overspray Foam Control System
Overspray System

Electric operated centrifugal pump that recirculates wastewater fluid in the evaporator and sprays it over the surface of the liquid wastewater.  This helps to break up surface tension and allows the water to evaporate through any surface film.  It also exposes more area to the air being pulled across the surface of the wastewater assisting in the evaporation rate.  The foam sensor operates in the area above the normal operating wastewater level and detect foaming conditions as they occur in the evaporator tank.  This sensor then activates the overspray system.  All components, pump, strainers, nozzles, valves, piping, and controls are included.  Construction of 316 stainless steel for all wetted parts.  This system may be combined with the Defoamer/Anti-foam Dispensing System for maximum results.
The chemical feed pump will automatically add the anti-foam agent to the waste solution in the evaporator.  It operates in conjunction with a foam sensor that detects the presence of foam in the space above the normal operating wastewater level in the evaporator tank.  This system may be combined with the Overspray Foam Control System for maximum results.
A pneumatic dispenser releases an atomized chemical adsorbent from a strategic location into the evaporator air stream.  Calibrated metering and available electronic timer controls allow for tailoring to specific requirements.  Pre-treatment of waste stream in feed/holding tank is also very effective.

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