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Clean Out Ports
Clean Out


One of the most often overlooked costs involved with wastewater reduction equipment is the cost to maintain and the downtime associated with maintenance.

In our continuing quest for product improvement, we are proud to announce our latest feature for enhanced access and cleanout capabilities for our extensive line of wastewater evaporators.

These new components have been field tested on several applications over time with outstanding results including the following:

  • Improved access to difficult to reach areas inside the evaporation chamber that can accumulate concentrated solids and viscous liquids during normal operation.
  • Large full width drag-out opening flush to floor level for optimum heavy solids removal.
  • Multi-angle 4” ports strategically located to allow pressure-washing wands to access bottom surfaces as well as corner pocket areas.
  • Reduced cleanout downtime and improved cleaning effectiveness for better performance and operational efficiencies.
  • Additional benefits from enhanced automated evacuation processes and extended corrosion protection by way of improved cleaning techniques.

The oversize cleanout measures 6.0” x 24.0” on smaller units and 6.0 x 36” on larger models for maximum drag-out access.

The pressure washing ports are 4” NPS pipe nozzles allowing a wide angle of spray cleaning flexibility for thorough coverage and access to interior components.

High solids handling metallic evacuation pump allows fast and easy purging of heated concentrates and less down time.  

Different construction materials cover a wide range of applications. Our in house lab services include waste stream sample testing to determine materials compatibility, cleaning procedures and schedules, as well as regulatory compliance assistance for all states in the USA.

Let our in house technical staff evaluate your current requirements for new or replacement evaporation equipment with the latest developments in fluid management technology to fit your industry specific needs.

Our continuing expert factory support after the sale helps keep your evaporation equipment in peak operating condition with minimal maintenance.



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