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Wastewater Evaporator Automation Controls
Automation Controls

This level of automation for oil skimming and sludge removal requires the Skimmer/Sludge Pump option.  A programmable logic controller (PLC) sequences the evaporator to periodically skim oils and remove concentrates and solids from the evaporator bottom.  At a programmed time and frequency, the evaporator will shut down for a period of time (i.e. 15 minutes) to allow oils that have been broken from emulsions and other free oils to rise by gravity to the surface.  The evaporator then begins to fill up to the level of the skimming weir allowing the floating oils to cascade over the weir and drain to the removal pump.  A conductivity sensor at the skimming level allows the skimming to continue until the sensor detects wastewater and ends the skimming sequence.  Next in sequence, the dump valve opens at the bottom clean-out port and a predetermined volume of concentrate and sludge is pumped out.  The dump valve closes ending the sequence.  The evaporator then refires and resumes normal operation until the next timed cycle. 
  • PACKAGE #1 -- PLC (programmable logic controller) for automatic skimming and concentrate removal, includes  valves and sensors (requires Skimmer/Sludge pump option). 
  • PACKAGE #2 -- PLC (programmable logic controller) Allen Bradley Micrologix 1500 or equivalent of customer's choice control and monitor with modem allowing remote access, touch keypad with text message and graphics display for automatic skimming and concentrate removal, includes valves and sensors (requires Skimmer/Sludge pump option).
Further automation is available through various sensors which are remote mounted at the wastewater supply storage point.
a)  A fluid level sensor monitors for accessable fluid level to be transferred to the evaportor.  If the fluid level drops to a minimal level, the evaporator transfer pump shuts off.  The evaporator will continue to operate down to its low level and then shut down.  When the remote level sensor detects a rise of wastewater in the storage tank, the evaporator will automatically begin refilling and then refire for continuous operation.
b)  A fluid conductivity sensor remote is mounted at the fluid pick-up point of the wastewater supply tank.  This signals the evaporator that there is primarily oil in the wastewater supply tank and shuts down the transfer pump.  The evaporator will refill and restart when wastewater is detected by conductivity in the wastewater supply tank.

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