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LAKEVIEW ENGINEERED PRODUCTS, INC. is the manufacturer of the highest quality, feature packed, durable, and reliable wastewater evaporator built for the industrial marketplace.

Lakeview was incorporated in 1993. Prior to the incorporation, the wastewater evaporators were built in the fabrication shop of Power Plant Service, Inc. Power Plant Service has been in the industrial boiler and furnace service and repair business for over 90 years. Power Plant Service manufactures A.S.M.E. code pressure vessels and is a representative for several boiler, burner, controls, and refractory lines.

Lakeview Engineered Products wastewater evaporators are designed and developed by engineers with extensive knowledge of the needs in the toughest industrial environments due to the Power Plant Service heritage. (

Lakeview Engineered Products and Power Plant Service continue to reinforce their strengths together to provide the very best in technology, construction, operation, and support available in the waste-water evaporator market.


Power Plant Service, INC.

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