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LAKEVIEW ENGINEERED PRODUCTS manufactures an extensive line of wastewater evaporators that are designed to be the premier evaporator in the industry. Lakeview industrial evaporators are among the most durable and inexpensive to operate, with fewer parts to maintain. A wastewater evaporator pays for itself quickly and starts contributing savings for many years to come.

All Lakeview industrial evaporators are constructed using premium grade stainless steel as standard construction and industrial grade components that will stand up to heavy use year after year.  Tank and heat exchanger construction options are available to handle a variety of industrial waste streams.

Lakeview offers a complete line of waste water evaporators with operating rates from 15 to 500 gallons per hour. The water evaporators can be powered by natural gas/propane, electricity, or steam. Custom waste-water evaporation equipment and condensers are also available to meet specific or unique requirements.

Steam Evaporators

Hot Tube Model

Hot Shot Model

(steam heated
(natural gas/propane
   fired evaporator)
     (electric heated
Packaged Boiler / Evaporator System
A complete turnkey system was designed for Zircoa Inc which consisted of a Model E-200 Hot Bottom, steam powered, wastewater evaporator. The steam evaporator uses a small Columbia boiler for the heat energy.
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